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The Brief

Delivering dairy free, natural and healthy proucts, Rude Health are on a mission to offer tasty but healthy dairy-free products. We partnered with Rude Health to support the migration from Wordpress whilst offering a re-design and development on the Shopify platform to deliver a story-rich onsite experience with the opportunity for customers to buy online. The project involved a fine balance between amazing content including recipes, strong brand identity and values whilst maintaining an insightful and convenient shopping experience. I designed, developed and launched a bespoke Shopify theme for Rude Health to take their online identity to the next level. 


Food and Beverages


Shopify Design & Development




Brand Consistent Shopify Store Design

The kick off Rude Health's project, we conducted in-depth discovery of the brand's goals, identity and even diving into their competitors. Following project discovery, I wireframed the site to map the customer journey before rendering the proposed designs. We designed the store for both desktop and mobile devices to ensure adequate emphasis was placed on all experiences across all devices. I embodied Rude Health's brand identity at the very core, producing a design that allows the brand to deliver an engaging, strong and informative message.


Shopify development & bespoke theme development

Following the design phase completion, Shopify expert developers built an entirely bespoke Shopify theme from the ground up to mirror the designs pixel perfect. They built to the store to leverage everything that Shopify has to offer including native SEO, Shopify's built-in content management theme editor, blogging and more. 


Filtering & product discovery

Efficient and user-friendly product discovery is vital to ensure on-site visitors can find products that are relevant to them. We integrated an advanced filtering system to allow customers to filter Rude Health's product range by multiple criteria extending the functionality of Shopify. Customers can use a simple and traditional side filtering tool to tick relevant health requirements such as vegan, gluten-free & kosher to find the best product for them. We've found advanced filtering can improve conversion rates dramatically especially with larger product ranges.

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