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The Brief

Bart Ingredients is a leading herb and spices ingredients brand stocked in nationwide supermarkets in the UK. I partnered with Bart to design, build and launch an entirely bespoke Shopify store that would embody the immersive and dramatic identity of their products, and immerse customers in a large SKU range whilst maximising engagement with the very best creative design. We built the store leveraging the power of Shopify to allow the brand ultimate control and also access to a diverse ecosystem of features. 




Shopify Design & Development




Adaptable design to maximise on-site engagement

The vibrant colours of Bart's ingredients gave huge opportunity for our creative team to allow the store to be lead by the very products themselves. I designed the store to leverage the brand's darker and black identity colours which acting as a neutral foundation for product imagery, ingredient colours to stand out. I worked with Bart to design every page and template of the store for both desktop and mobile, considering the customer journey at every phase and immersing customers in a diverse content structure.


Shopify custom theme development.

Following design completion of the entire store, development team then worked extensively to build an entirely bespoke Shopify store that is built with Shopify's native functionality at the very core. We also built the store using Shopify's online store 2.0 that leaves Bart completely in control of content, page layouts and templates - creating new pages is a breeze with ultimate flexibility. We also integrated a variety of features such as real time search, advanced filtering and subscriptions powered by Recharge Payments. 

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