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The Brief

Opia are global leaders in tactical and strategic sales promotion campaigns to help improve KPIs for partnering brands. ‘The Frame Bezel’ is a television frame campaign by Opia for the leading multinational electronics corporation Samsung.

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant diversified its TV product offering beyond the television screens themselves, to offer personalised bezels for screens of a multitude of screens and sizes. We at Charle were appointed to design, develop and launch a bespoke Shopify theme with multi-variant technology to allow easy to use customisation of frames. We were tasked with allowing a user-friendly customer experience with Shopify that maximises engagement and transactions whilst embodying Samsung's familiar look and feel.


Technology & Electronics


Shopify Design & Development



Bespoke Shopify Theme
Design and Development

Samsung has a well-established brand identity and so it was paramount that we designed The Frame Bezel website with this in mind; maintaining a simplistic and modern look which felt familiar to navigating their core website for a seamless browsing experience. We initially carried out a full discovery phase for the project, exploring key brand guide considerations, competitors and the current online presence of the brand. This enabled our creative team to ensure that the design phase truly matched the brand’s image, goals and mission for this exciting campaign. We focused on leveraging a consistent design, that be translated to a beautiful and conversion-centric besoke Shopify theme.


Multi-variants & bespoke Shopify UI

This Samsung campaign allows customers to choose between a wide range of different finishes of varying styles- from modern, premium and deluxe. With over 40 finishes to choose from for different models of TVs, we wanted to ensure that customisation wasn’t complex so that customers are able to find and choose what they’re looking for with ease. We used bespoke UI designs and development to push the boundaries of Shopify to create an experience that did not form a barrier to purchase, allowed customers to choose a frame finish in groups and all assigned a colour for clear and easy selection.

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