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The Brief

Planera, whose name is inspired by the beautiful Planera aquatica flower, is the sanitary product brand that is defining the new 'good enough'. Planera required bespoke Shopify design and web development, with a whole website build being made from scratch. Unique requirements of the project included Recharge subscriptions integrations, custom cart, and a completely custom theme to showcase the brand's mission and core values. I made sure that each element of the design and development ensured KPIs and performance were optimised for a truly powerful ecommerce experience.


Personal Care


Shopify Design & Development


Bespoke Shopify Design
Shopify Web Development
ReCharge Subscriptions
Custom cart


Following the launch of the new website build:


Decrease in bounce rate

Bespoke Shopify Theme Design and Development

To take advantage of its cutting-edge capabilities such as powerful APIs, access to more complicated content management tools, and advanced app integrations, I used the Shopify platform to craft Planera's fully custom website. These capabilities enable Planera to provide a more powerful consumer experience and provide them access to more sophisticated backend tools that facilitate easy and effective management of their online store. I thoroughly researched Planera to become familiar with their brand identity and long-term objective before beginning the store's development phase. By doing this, I was able to create a visual experience that is recognisable and on-brand for Planera's customers while laying the proper foundation for the future-proofing of the business and the attainment of its strategic goals.

In the initial design phase, I created wireframes for the new Shopify website according to the brand's personal requirements. The Shopify themes that developers developed for each part of the website were made fully bespoke for our merchants. I create a totally unique browsing experience that stands out from the competition by not using any templates during the design process, in contrast to the usual presets that are typically used for the majority of Shopify websites. 

Shopify Development and App Integrations

Our expert team of in-house Shopify developers got to work in building an advanced online store for Planera after the extensive design and auditing phase was completed. The development team was able to use the best technology and methods since they created the store from the ground up, maximising performance and realising the store's full potential. After a thorough understanding of the brand's requirements, we integrated a ReCharge subscriptions so that Planera's customers could easily and conveniently subscribe to purchase their personal care products as and when they needed them, encouraging repeat purchases and therefore Lifetime Value. In addition to this, our expert developers also created custom cart functionality to improve conversion rate and create a more immersive user experience for the customer. I great pride in our data-driven and KPI-focused methodology since it enables companies like Planera to foster growth and better meet their long-term strategic objectives. 

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