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Editorial Design

Photography & Editorial Magazine Design

To start simply, I wanted to name the magazine ‘Era’ as it defines a period of my life.With every editorial featured in this publication, comes a story, a personal one at that. Contemporary fashion magazines all lack a common trait, this trait being a personal connection, a connection between the photographer and reader. I wanted to attempt to change this with this publication. Each image could mean more to me than it could to anyone who flicks through the pages of this magazine, as my model and I are the only ones who lived through it. I wanted this magazine to show that fashion isn’t just about the clothes; It’s also about the person wearing them. It is this relationship that drew me to start shooting fashion. I wanted this magazine to feature a new level of explanation behind the creative process of each editorial, one that creates a connection between not only the content and the reader, but with the artist, the content and the reader. I wanted anybody to be able to read through this magazine and be able to connect with this ‘Era’ of my life.

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